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“The Association of Fitness By Phone® has proven to be a steadfast, reliable beacon of credibility in an industry that is replete with fly-by-night gimmicks.  Each year I anticipate attending the annual Fitness By Phone® conference because I find it to be a place of comfort, inspiration, and encouragement.  Here, we can be amongst like-minded people— fitness coaches who represent the upper crust of our profession.  Fitness By Phone® is the place to be if you’re not simply an ordinary fitness instructor or personal trainer.  This is the group that, for the last seven years, has paved the future of the fitness coaching profession. I am proud to stand out from the masses that run themselves ragged trying to make conventional personal training work for them.  I’ll be the first to admit that growing one’s Fitness By Phone® business is hard work.  But it’s the kind of work that pays back in multiples of what you put into it, so unlike the dollars-for-hours gerbil wheel that IS the personal training business.”

~ Tiffany Crate, Chicago, IL ~ ACE certified personal trainer


“Personally and professionally, Fitness by Phone® has created a win-win situation for me.  My schedule as a personal trainer was very busy and full.  Now, the majority of my time is spent talking to clients on the phone, saving driving time, travel expense, and stress, not to mention allowing time off for myself.  And, my clients are getting better results.  In the first six weeks, I signed up two new Fitness by Phone® coaching clients and now have coached over 70!  I now offer it as the only fitness training option to prospective clients and am getting positive feedback.”

~ Gillian Hood Gabrielson, Paradise, California ~ ACE & ACSM certified personal trainer


“Fitness by Phone® has allowed my company to successfully penetrate the corporate market. We effortlessly train even the busiest executives and see far more clients in less time.” 

~ Fran Bishop, Washington D.C. ~ AFAA Certified

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“During my years as a personal trainer, most of my clients relied on me too heavily regardless of the motivation I tried to instill in them.  It’s entirely different with Fitness by Phone®. My clients are far more independent and routinely achieve their goals. I have moved my residence twice, over hundreds of miles, and continue to train my clients and maintain my income without worrying about starting a personal training business all over again.  I earn thousands of dollars per month coaching clients over the phone regardless of where I am living or where I am traveling.”

 ~ Heather Moreno, Atascadero, California ~ ACSM certified personal trainer


“I have not enjoyed my job this much in years!  In the first month as a Fitness By Phone® coach, I signed up five new clients and a potential sixth.  I sincerely believe what Susan and the Fitness By Phone® approach has to offer is a real goldmine and may very well revolutionize personal training.  I would encourage any trainer who wants to maximize their time and earnings and learn a wealth of information to get involved with this program.  It would be one of the most productive things a trainer could do for themselves and their clients.”

~ Marilyn Burns, IL. ~ ACE certified fitness instructor


“When I was pregnant with my second child I knew I did not want to be getting up at the crack of dawn to train my clients in their homes with a newborn and toddler at my home without me.  I saw the ad for FBP and was intrigued.  By the time I had my second child, I would have needed  56 one-on-one sessions a month to earn the same amount I was making by phone coaching clients 3.5 hours a week.  Today, four years later, my third child celebrates his first birthday and my FBP client list is close to 100.   Thanks to Fitness by Phone®, I work two and a half days a week and spend the rest of the time enjoying my family.”

~ Amy Lundberg,Detroit Lakes, MN ~ ACE certified personal trainer

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Fitness By Phone® Coach’s Clients

"For many people starting an exercise program is difficult and probably more difficult is sticking with it - I'm one of those people. Lisa’s Fitness By Phone® Coaching has been great for me because I'm held accountable each week by filling out my fitness diary and reporting it to Lisa during our sessions.  It keeps me on track and gives me goals each week. I have lost several inches and have actually lowered my cholesterol.  Lisa is great to work with and with her vast knowledge, she can create a safe and effective fitness program for each individual."

~ J. LoFaro, Reston, VA ~


“Exercise has been a part of my life for several years, but I was curious to see how hiring a coach might give me the "boost" I needed. Through the accountability of the caltrac, weekly phone calls and keeping an exercise record, I experienced an increase in my endurance, learned how to use my exercise time more effectively, and came to see the value of cross-training.

Margy's gentle, encouraging and firm approach kept me focused and consistent, even through a time when I experienced an injury and couldn't exercise in my same old ways. The skills I've learned have become a part of who I am now, and I use them daily. I highly recommend the Fitness By Phone® program for people of all ages and fitness levels.”

~ Sandra W., Gig Harbor, WA. ~


"I have lost 20+ pounds and many inches since working with Emily as my Fitness By Phone® Coach.

I started working out with Emily over a year ago in the gym here as my personal trainer. Between work, family and getting to the gym I started to really hate the whole process because of the time constraints. So Emily proposed this new program, called Fitness By Phone®, as an alternative. And I have to admit, I absolutely love it. Not only does it work with my hectic schedule but I have had great results.

I am approaching my one-year mark and will be going to the maintenance side of the program. I feel totally empowered to work out on my own and I’ve cut my food intake quite a bit. I have never stayed on any program for a year so to reach this point is a real accomplishment for me and says volumes about the value of Emily and Fitness By Phone®’s program.”

~ Robin L., Ketchum, ID. ~


“I was motivated to start the Fitness By Phone® Coaching Program because I was overweight and suffering from the many ailments that come with it: low energy, frequent injuries from routine actions, and lower self confidence.  The program really worked because Heather, who is my Fitness By Phone® coach, led me through a simple, but effective plan to get me back into regular exercise and make a lifestyle change.

The Caltrac accelerometer showed me the clear reality of calorie input vs. output and made me realize how low my weekday activity level really was. Using the heart monitor and engaging in interval training gave me something to concentrate on instead of the actual exercise and effort, making exercise more enjoyable. Our weekly calls also kept me accountable and focused.  I have tried self organized plans before, none of which lasted longer than a month, and none yielded the same results.

Since that point early this year I'm pleased to say I have lost 20 lbs. (about 11% of my original weight)!  All the other benefits; more energy, fewer pains and better self confidence came with it.  The results even convinced my wife, who at first didn’t believe in fitness coaching program over the phone would work.  I recommend it to everyone who asks how I did it.”

~ Mike R., Columbus, OH.. ~


“I am a 52- year old female, who has been a health and fitness enthusiast for at least 30 years. However, over the past few years I had become very sporadic with exercise and my good eating habits had deteriorated greatly. Then, I met Ena in September of 2000. Ena was a fitness trainer and also a Fitness By Phone® Coach. When I first heard about Fitness By Phone®, I was somewhat skeptical, because I didn’t understand how anyone could get in shape with phone coaching. But I decided to try it for three months. Within a couple of weeks of talking to Ena on Monday mornings for my week’s assignment, I was hooked!

In September, 2001 I ran my first 5K, which had always been a heart’s desire, and I am training to run the Peachtree Road Race in July.  Four weeks ago, I began the 12-week nutritional program with Ena and I am absolutely amazed by how much I have already learned. I am now making much better food choices and have more energy, as well as a sense of well-being. Ena and the Fitness By Phone® approach has restored my body, soul and spirit!!!”

~ Sue S., Clayton, GA. ~


“I used to hate to exercise. When I started other programs I tended to overdo it and this usually ended with an injury or burnout.  Fitness By Phone has given me the focus to develop and stay with an exercise program, without getting burnt out or injured.  The program is easy to understand and working with a coach keeps you motivated and accountable. Kris has been a phenomenal coach. I can honestly say I am in the best shape that I have ever been in my life.  Thank you!”

~ Jim W., Gig Harbor, WA. ~


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