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The personal fitness training industry is changing. Are you?

Imagine expanding the number of people who say, “Yes!”
to using your fitness services!

Imagine eliminating all unpaid cancellations!

Imagine making a six figure income working only 4 to 5 hours a day!

Imagine clients chasing you for business instead of you always
having to chase the client!

Because of Fitness By Phone®, you don’t have to imagine any more. This is not hype, nor myth, or a far-fetched dream reserved for a select few. It’s a reality for many fitness professionals across North America. Now, it’s your turn to make it a reality for you.

In a matter of seconds you can have exclusive access to the Special Report that not only has the entire fitness industry buzzing but it has forever changed the lives and careers of the personal trainers who have read it.

Fitness By Phone®’s 2006 Edition Fitness Professional Special Report, "The Insider Secrets for Becoming a Profitable Fitness Professional Through Fitness Phone Coaching" will take you on a journey where you will discover how to organize and leverage yourself to maximize your success as a fitness trainer. The insider secrets revealed to you are proven to work and can be duplicated. Phone coaching is just one of the many secrets Fitness By Phone® founder, Susan Block Vézina, will share with you in this report to achieve the necessary edge to make more revenue and enhance your career.

When you fill out the form below, you will not only receive the Special Report, but you will be able to sample and test drive many of the valuable and exclusive products and programs available only to certified Fitness By Phone® coaches and Career Booster members.

Here’s Everything You Receive:

  • Special Report, "The Insider Secrets for Becoming a Profitable Fitness Professional Through Fitness Phone Coaching”
  • Audio recording of an exclusive FBP members only Educational TeleClass, "Phone Coaching and the Impact on Compliance" with special guest, Cynthia M. Castro, Ph.D., Research Associate, Stanford University School of Medicine.

    "Research on telephone-assisted counseling for physical activity has established a convincing body of evidence supporting its effectiveness in promoting long-term physical activity change in adult populations."

  • Over 30+ pages of excerpts from FBP’s 2006 Comprehensive Marketing Manual

Now is the time for you to discover how to fully leverage technology to dramatically increase your income while working less, fill your dead time hours, have more freedom and control over your schedule, expand your client base, support your clients in taking more responsibility for their own results, and more.



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