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Fitness By Phone® LIVE events are exhilarating and career enhancing experiences. Coaches and fitness trainers found their attendance to be comforting, inspiring and encouraging as they are surrounded by other successful, like-minded professionals.

We have some exciting LIVE events planned for 2009. Fitness by Phone® joins with IDEA again to present "Coaching the Mindset of Post-Rehab Clients" at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institutue in February, 2009.

Would you like your clients to take more responsibility for their results? Do you want to elevate your income while working less? Isn't it time you learned how to integrate proven coaching methods into your practice? Learn the beginnings of the coachind mindset and understand what your clients are thinking. Using this knowledge will allow you to help you clients find awareness around what will truly motivate them to take action and find their results.


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