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Business Mentor Coaching Services

Do you own your own fitness business?

Do you consider yourself a BUSINESS OWNER, or a Fitness Professional who has their own business?

Do you know the difference?

If you’re like many fitness professionals in our industry, you worked hard to study for your certification and/or degree and to build your credibility and reputation as an expert in your field.  What you didn’t do was study what you needed to learn to run a successful business.  You may have taken a few classes or bought a guide or book about setting up and starting a fitness business, but what about the everyday needs of a business? 

How do you balance training clients, planning, marketing, and filling out paperwork?

How to you keep track of charges owed to you and charges you owe to others?

How do you market your business to assure acquiring new clients as current one’s quit?

Should you have a website, newsletter, sell products, etc?

And, what about keeping up your fitness education?  Do you have a budget and a schedule for keeping up with continuing education credits, conferences, and industry news?

Many of us started our own businesses because we were tired of working for someone else, not getting paid what we felt we deserved, and wanting to set our own hours and our own rules.  And, while that is great in theory, the reality is that running a business is so much more than just training clients.  You have to market and promote your business to get clients.

The Business Mentor Coaching Partnership is a dynamic support system for personal fitness trainers and coaches to receive valuable advice and guidance in starting and growing their fitness business.  Whether you are in the process of just starting your business, or you have been in business for years, if you are not making the kind of income you desire, do not have the amount of clients you desire, and are feeling lost without any support, this program can help you. 
This one-on-one coaching program will allow you to brainstorm ideas, get an independent viewpoint, and be accountable to an encouraging, supporting mentor who has been in your shoes and knows how help you form plans and strategies to grow your business.

There are several areas of focus that you and your coach can work on, all of which will address the three realities we have already discussed, plus more business planning, marketing, and development information, including (but not limited to): 

  • Creating Mission, Value and Purpose to the business
  • Understanding your Ideal Client and how to reach them
  • Developing Marketing Systems to reach Ideal Clients
  • Setting Boundaries around business and personal lives
  • Creating policy and procedures for your business
  • Providing accountability for reaching goals and completing tasks necessary to growing your business.

How Can a Business Mentor Coach Benefit Your Business?

When you work for someone else, like at a club, you have a manager or owner to answer to or be accountable to, that motivates you to do your due diligence.  When you work for yourself, you only have to answer to yourself.  And let’s face it; it is really easy to make excuses for not “working on” your business.  Hey, it’s not always fun and we’re trained to help people increase their health & fitness not run a business.  That’s where a business mentor coach comes in.

A mentor is someone who will help you stay on track to do what you need to do to build your business; someone to be accountable to.  Not as a boss who will tell you what to do, but as a sounding board for your ideas, a place to talk out your plan; and as a “silent partner” to share your vision and help you stay focused on tasks.

The Association of Fitness by Phone® Coaches has talked with thousands of fitness professionals over the past 9 years about the frustrations that they face in our industry.  When asked what the top challenges are that they face in their businesses, we found that:

  • 24% are challenged finding and acquiring clients
  • 24% are challenged with scheduling their time
  • 11% are challenged with obtaining a steady income
  • 11% are challenged with client cancellations
  • 11% are challenged with starting a business, venturing out on their own

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a knowledgeable fitness professional, who has successfully built her business, share her experience with you and help you stay on track with your goals for building your own business?  That is exactly what a business mentor coach will do!

Highlights of Program:

1. 16 weekly coaching sessions with your Business Mentor Coach
The Business Mentor Coaching consists of 16 weekly, one-on-one mentoring sessions for 30 minutes each, where you and your mentor coach will discuss the various aspects of building a business based on the needs your business has.  Each week you will complete a marketing diary and create steps to accomplish each marketing strategy that you decide to employ, and use that data to create a complete system for running your business effortlessly.  You will complete a policy and procedure manual for each aspect of your business, so when you are ready to expand your business and hire help, your business will continue to run as smoothly as if you were doing it all yourself. ($1340 value) 

2.  48-hour support hotline
You will also have access to your mentor coach outside of your weekly coaching sessions via phone, email or fax.  You will not be alone to wait until your next session to ask questions, share successes, or ask for advice and guidance. 

3. Business Development Workbook
Our marketing system has helped hundreds of Fitness by Phone® Coaches build lucrative careers. Our comprehensive marketing system covers all of our success secrets and includes simple, effective, proven, marketing techniques specifically geared to attract new clients. You won’t have any trouble knowing exactly what you have to do to build your client base, quickly and cost effectively ($299 value).

4. 3-month subscriptions to the Fitness Motivation Monitor Newsletter
A proven marketing tool, many of our Coaches have secured new Fitness by Phone® clients as a direct result of subscribing to the monthly Monitor and sending the newsletter to their database. This is a 3-month test drive so you can sample how truly effective this marketing tool really is (Value $109).

Total Value of Mentor Coaching program services:
Business Mentor Coaching:

Total Savings
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$ 1,748
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