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Certificate Program

If you are curious about coaching but not ready to make a commitment to become a Fitness By Phone® Coach, our new Foundations Program is for you. We have created 11 in-depth, core courses to allow you to Test Drive our Fitness by Phone® program. These courses are designed to give you a better understanding of our comprehensive training programs, test out our principles and even try them with your own clients to determine if becoming a FBP coach would work for you. 

The Foundations courses are based on the premise of Compliance Programming, or CP, a term coined by the Association of Fitness by Phone® Coaches, describing research-based programming principles that when applied together, can significantly increase client compliance to 90% or greater.

CP applies over 24 years of research in behavioral psychology from major scientific research institutions like Stanford University and Virginia Polytechnic. We have divided up the Compliance Programming principles, phone coaching skills, and business and marketing information that we teach in our FBP Master and Associate Coach in Training programs into 11 double CD courses that you can take on an individual basis. These courses, taught by our Master Fitness by Phone® Coaches are designed to give you a better understanding of what is taught in our comprehensive training programs and help you decide if fitness phone coaching is for you.

All Courses on Audio CD

All 11 courses are professionally recorded from LIVE courses conducted by our Master Fitness by Phone® Coaches. Each course is available on audio CDs and can also be downloaded via the Web. The courses themselves are divided into two categories: 

  1. Programming/Coaching skills
  2. Business/Marketing development. 

Taking one or more of these courses will not make you a Fitness by Phone® Coach, but you can use the information to help increase your clients’ compliance and results immediately. As a result, you will find the results you get in your own business, such as increased referrals and better profits, dramatically improving.

All of our courses require you to take Compliance Programming 101: The Fundamentals of Compliance Programming, where you will learn the science behind the three components of CP. All of the other courses will build on this main course.

Overview of all Courses

Programming and Coaching skills:


Compliance Programming 101: The Fundamentals of Compliance Programming


Compliance Programming 102: Basic Lifestyle Activity Coaching Skills as a Foundation for Physical Activity and Phone Coaching
103: Compliance Programming 103: Progressive Lifestyle Activity Coaching Skills as a Foundation for Physical Activity
104: Compliance Programming 104: Basic Heart Rate Training Skills for Cardiovascular Exercise
105: Compliance Programming 105: Progressive Heart Rate Training Skills for Cardiovascular Exercise
106: Compliance Programming 106: Phone Coaching Skills for Strength Training
107: Compliance Programming 107: The Anatomy of a 20-Minute Phone Coaching Session
108: Compliance Programming 108: Increase Your Value with Advanced Phone Coaching Skills: Taking Your Clients to the Next Level
Business and Marketing development:
109: Compliance Programming 109: Pricing Your Phone Coaching Services 
110: Compliance Programming 110: Creating the Opportunity for Prospective Clients: The Consult and Signing Up Fitness Phone Coaching Clients

Order NOW and recieve Compliance Programming 100: Bridging the Gap from Trainer to Coach - FREE!

CEC Credit & Specialty Certificate Eligibility

The Fitness By Phone® Foundation program is eligible for at total of 1.2 ACE/ACSM CEC’s. 

For those who aspire to be a Fitness By Phone® Coaches, we’ve made the transition from taking the Foundation courses to either the Associate or Master specialty certificate programs very easy. After ordering the Foundation courses you can apply the cost to the certificate program of your choice.


Here is what you receive when you order the complete 11 set Foundation Course:

All 11 courses on audio CD and available as a download on your computer – $1639 value!

Career Booster membership for one full-year – $1525 value!

Fitness By Phone®’s marketing manual for coaches and trainers. Contains over 430 value packed pages, as well as workshop handouts from 2005 FBP Super Conference – $299 value

Special Limited Time Offer:
For a limited time, when you order the complete 11 set Foundation Course, your fee of $999 can be applied to a Fitness By Phone® specialty certificate program of your choice within 30 days of your original order.

** plus shipping and handling and California state sales tax of 8.25%, if applicable.

Total Value: 
Fitness By Phone® Foundation Course “Complete Set”:                

Total Savings                                                                                

$ 3,463
$ 999




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