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As a personal fitness trainer/professional, do you ever feel like you're alone out there? Don't you sometimes feel like you are swimming alone in a huge pool with no life raft? Do you ever think, “There Must Be A Better Way!” There is and we're going to show you what it is.

Fitness By Phone® is thrilled to announce the introduction of the Associate Fitness By Phone® Coach SPECIALTY CERTIFICATE. This comprehensive 12-week program is designed for fitness professionals who desire to add coaching to their repertoire but prefer to take a phased approach to learning the Fitness By Phone® system. The coaching principles are the same as the Master Specialty Certificate but the teaching is conducted in small groups, the focus in on beginner-intermediate clientele and less time is spent on business development strategies. This program is ideal for professionals who work with beginner-intermediate exercisers or sedentary populations and have limited experience running their own business.

The Fitness By Phone® Coaching specialty certificate programs are not about buying a set of books and tapes like you might from a TV commercial. This is not about buying some written information that you put on a shelf, where it becomes shelf-help, never to see the results you're looking for. Associate classes provide hands on, step-by-step guidance and are stocked full of proven, easy to learn and apply strategies and methods that generate real, bottom line results for you and your personal training clients.

Mentoring Your Way To Success

We'll not only teach you everything about Fitness By Phone®, we're here for you long after you complete the program, to answer any and all questions you have about anything related to fully developing your Fitness By Phone® business and reaping the financial and personal freedom this business can bring. In fact, we encourage you to call us, fax us or e-mail us anytime you need help or just need someone to talk to who understands how to help you solve whatever problem you may be having so you can create the successful fitness business you desire and deserve.

Continued Educational Support from FBP

Our faculty and our Fitness By Phone® Coach Training Program was the first of its kind to be recognized by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Continuing Education Specialist.  Upon completing your training, you will receive .6 CECs from ACE and ACSM.  Most other certification organizations will also accept ACE approved CEC courses, but check with your own certification organization to make sure. We also provide additional CEC approved FBP Coach Advanced Training Teleworkshops throughout the year. You will have no problem getting enough CEC credits to renew your specialty certificate.

10 Ways Being a Fitness By Phone® Coach Benefits Fitness Professionals

1)  Phone coaching eliminates or greatly reduces cost objections. Being a Fitness By Phone® coach will “recession proof” your business. If you were in business during the last recession, you know that many of your clients pull back on luxury items first (personal training) and as a result, you lose clients and revenue, putting your business in a recession.   As a Fitness By Phone® Coach you are able to offer phone coaching, something that your clients can afford and be able to stay fit and healthy no matter what the state of the economy is. 

2)  Phone coaching fills dead time hours. Most Fitness By Phone® Coaches conduct their phone coaching sessions three days a week, during what is referred to in the personal training industry as dead time (midday hours between 1 PM and 5 PM).  No one has ever not chosen phone coaching because of the time.  Some people may prefer a different time, but they are so sold on the idea of phone coaching that they are willing to take a 20-minute break from whatever they are doing to participate in the time slots their Fitness By Phone® Coach has available. 

3)  Phone coaching is an alternative to personal training when you're sick or injured or out of town.  Think about the times you had to cancel client’s personal training sessions because you were very sick, injured or had to be out of town. There’s the risk of losing money and/or the client when this happens.  However, with phone coaching, this is not an issue. Remember, everyone has access to a phone and phones eliminate distance, which eliminates the need to cancel sessions with your clients.  If you have to move to another city, your business doesn’t miss a beat as was the case with Master Fitness By Phone® Coach, Heather Moreno, who moved several hundred miles up the coast of California from her original home base of Orange County, California.  The ultimate win-win scenario, though, is if you have a family, phone coaching will allow you the time and energy to spend more time at home and still be intimately involved in your career and be there for your clients.

4)  Phone coaching eliminates client cancellation issues. Phone coaching becomes even more important if the client is ill, recovering from illness or injury, or has a stressful circumstance preventing him or her from exercising as usual. In fact, studies have shown that one of the number one reasons people lose momentum and stop exercising is that something comes up that prevents them from regularly going to the gym.  Because the actual coaching session doesn't involve physical activity, and because it can be conducted anywhere, there really is no valid excuse for the client canceling.

5)  Fitness By Phone® increases your earning potential. Phone coaching generates more income than personal training while being more cost effective to the client.  Just think of the cost and timesavings for yourself if you didn’t have to travel to the client, deal with last minute client cancellations or get stuck at a gym between client appointments. As a Master Fitness By Phone® Coach you will make significantly greater income because there you will simply have more billable hours available. 

Not only does phone coaching yield more billable hours, it yields far greater compliance, further adding to the value of phone coaching services.  Stanford University, along with other well-respected, major research institutions, has done over 24 years of extensive research on phone coaching for physical activity.  The researchers concluded that phone coaching yields 75-90% compliance (go to to see the research review article). This research was consistent with the results hundreds of Fitness By Phone® Coaches have been achieving with thousands of clients all over the country since 1995 with 75-90% of our clients physically active most every day of the week.

When we surveyed personal trainers, we found that only 10-25% of their personal training clients were active most every day of the week.  Since most traditional personal training clients don’t exercise enough or at all when they are on their own, how much would it cost your clients to work with you most every day (5-6 days a week) to achieve the compliance, and thus the results, that phone coaching yields?  How many would pay that monthly fee?  How many would actually attend each of those sessions without cancellations?

Most Fitness By Phone® Coaches charge an average of $225 every four weeks.  When you compare what it would cost a client to achieve 75%-90% compliance with traditional personal training (e.g. 5 days a week  @ $50-$100 per hour), you can see that phone coaching is far more cost effective on a monthly basis than traditional one-on-one personal training:

The "Monthly Cost to Clients" chart is based on the personal training client training 5 days a week for one month. Personal training charges are based on $1500 per month calculated at a rate of $75 for a 50-minute session not including drive time, prep time or cancellations.  Fitness By Phone® charges are based on $225 per month not including prep time (driving time and cancellations are eliminated with Fitness By Phone®). It is interesting to note that if a personal trainer only charges $37.50 per hour ($750 per month), half of the example used above, Fitness By Phone® would still be a significantly better value.

6)   Phone coaching provides the opportunity to increase revenue by selling products intrinsic to the phone coaching program. With Fitness By Phone®, you provide not only the coaching and guidance to your clients, but also the tools, such as a heart rate monitor and accelerometer. Every client purchases a heart rate monitor. If weight loss (let's say “fat loss”) is a goal, then they also purchase an accelerometer. You receive a discount on these products; thus, you earn additional revenue and profit, without spending time working.

7)  When clients “quit” your financial burden is minimized. With conventional one-on-one personal training, clients generally schedule at least two hours a week with their trainers.  Some schedule three or more hours per week, right?  If, for example, you charge $50 per hour and a client quits, the cut in weekly income can be $100 - $150 per week.  Most personal trainers would consider this a significant reduction in income.

With phone coaching, when a client completes the coaching process (they rarely quit, they are usually sent off on their own because they are ready), the time/money lost is only twenty to thirty minutes per week.  Basically, you reduce your losses by 400% - 600%.  And, the time slot is much easier to fill because of the affordability, versatility and convenience for your clients.

8)  Phone coaching expands your client base. Being a Master Fitness By Phone® Coach provides you the opportunity to build relationships with the inactive population who tend to be intimidated by traditional fitness environments.  Phone coaching gradually increases your clients' confidence in you and builds trust.  This ultimately increases the likelihood of them purchasing some personal training sessions, too.

Phone coaching also allows you the opportunity to reach people who can't afford traditional personal training and opens the doors for you to reach people who don't have time for traditional personal training.  As you probably are well aware, many personal training clients have erratic and full schedules.  Often, they work full time and/or are raising a family, not to mention their hectic social calendars.  Phone coaching allows them flexibility to exercise on their own time schedule without the burden of regularly scheduled personal training sessions.

Another way it will expand your business is it provides you with the opportunity to reach people who are too far to travel to, or for them to travel to you. Imagine having a client base throughout the United States, even internationally, without ever having to leave the comforts of your home.

9)  Phone coaching reduces competition.
Not only does phone coaching reach a whole new market of clients who would not have become clients otherwise, but also very few personal trainers have a formal phone coaching program.  This alone, will provide a strong distinction between you and other trainers in your area, increasing your chances of getting clients to chase you for business instead of you having to constantly chase them for business.

10)  Phone Coaching eliminates the “adult baby-sitter syndrome”. Nothing is more satisfying to a personal trainer than applying their knowledge to help someone get motivated to make effective, progressive exercise part of their lifestyle.  On the other hand, there is nothing more aggravating then having a wealth of knowledge to help people progress and not being able to use it.

With traditional personal training, clients became dependent on your presence as their alarm clock to start exercising.  Since most clients couldn't afford the money or the time for more than 2-3 sessions a week and have a multitude of reasons for canceling appointments (even with a strict cancellation policy), most clients will stay in a maintenance mode. As a result, most personal trainers often times feel like highly paid adult baby-sitters--frustrated and bored.By offering phone coaching services, you will feel significantly more satisfied in your work and so too will your clients. 

The Fitness By Phone® Associate Guarantee

We provide two types of guarantees:

1.   A 2-Month Money Back Guarantee!
If you make an honest effort to implement everything we teach you and anytime in the first three months you are not satisfied with the information and the support system provided, merely return your Fitness By Phone® Coach Training Program materials and related monitors and we will refund your money (less a reasonable cancellation fee)! 

2.  Total Back Up & Support Service Ensuring You Succeed!
In addition to your 2-month financial guarantee, we also guarantee we will be here for you, anytime you need help with something.  We provide complete support, guidance and consulting.  Whether it's help with a problem or thinking through a client’s coaching program, just call, fax, or e-mail us with your questions. We not only guarantee our materials, but we guarantee our support and assistance.

Getting Clients

One of the most valuable pieces of training material you will receive is our comprehensive Fitness By Phone® Coach Marketing Manual. Updated regularly, this is a massive volume of the most up-to-date, cutting edge marketing, advertising, and branding strategies that are simple, proven and easy to implement – no matter how much you don’t like marketing yourself. Our most successful Fitness By Phone® Coaches gave us the actual marketing pieces ads, letters, press releases, reports, flyers, signs, brochures, articles and lecture presentations they personally used to generate a consistently high-revenue producing business. 

Going beyond the manual and even the one-to-one mentoring you receive, we’ve also added weekly LIVE Fitness By Phone® Coach Teleconferences where the leading Fitness By Phone® Coaches share, step-by-step, exactly how they implemented our marketing strategies.

ASSOCIATE Specialty Certificate PROGRAM

1.  12-week Fitness By Phone® Coach Training Program
This one-on-one comprehensive training program is taught by one of our highly trained Fitness By Phone® Coach Master Trainers and is conducted one-on-one over the phone.  By the end of this 12-week training program, we guarantee you will have all the information, training and tools you need to get your Fitness By Phone® business jump-started. 

When you consider how quickly fitness professionals are turning their new prospects into Fitness By Phone® clients (see & hear testimonials), the program more than pays for itself.  And, this program is not offered by anyone else anywhere in the world.  Because we limit the number of individuals we coach, and have a full Fitness By Phone® student load, if the slots fill up, you will be placed on a waiting list.  Why not respond now so you can have the best shot at getting started as soon as possible.

2.  Membership in The Association of Fitness By Phone® Coaches (AFPC)
In addition, if you respond within 10 days of downloading this report, you will also get a free one-year membership to The Association of Fitness By Phone® Coaches ($595 value) which includes the following (items 3 - 12):

3.  License to use the trademark, Fitness By Phone®
As a member of AFPC, you will have license to use the name and logo, Fitness By Phone®, on all your marketing materials and paperwork for the duration of your membership. Already considered one of the premier approaches to fitness training, as more and more consumers demand Fitness By Phone® Coaching services, you will be recognized as a pioneer in this powerful approach that is revolutionizing personal fitness training.

Like clients who want success with their health and fitness programs, you can either take the information you have and try it on your own, or you can get support, focus and direction from a professional who has the credentials and the proven track record to get you where you want to go in the shortest amount of time.  As a member of AFPC, just fax, phone and/or e-mail us any time you have questions or comments and all questions will be answered within 48 hours.

5. Fitness By Phone® Original Forms
You will receive hard copy originals of all documents, forms, diaries and agreements related to the Fitness By Phone® Coaching protocol inscribed with the Fitness By Phone® logo.  Included are all forms you’ll need to take care of your Fitness By Phone® Coaching clients.  The forms are also designed so you can incorporate your own business name and information on them ($99 value).

6. Polar Heart Rate Monitor
As you learned earlier, Fitness By Phone® is centered on two technological advances in fitness monitoring, the heart rate monitor and the accelerometer.  The FS3 is the model that has the features to maximize your success as a Fitness By Phone® Coach and client (Value $80).

7. Caltrac Accelerometer
Since most clients want to lose weight, and since diets don't work, the only way we can effectively support our clients in losing weight is to have them produce more activity than they were before, consistently.  The accelerometer is the device which accurately measures caloric expenditure all day and for every workout, no matter where your clients are or what they are doing (Value $55).

Our marketing system has helped hundreds of Fitness By Phone® Coaches build lucrative careers. Our comprehensive marketing system covers all of our success secrets and includes simple, effective, proven, marketing techniques specifically geared to attract Fitness By Phone® clients. You won’t have any trouble knowing exactly what you have to do to build your client base, quickly and cost effectively. ($299 value)

A proven marketing tool, many of our coaches have secured clients as a direct result of subscribing to the Monitor and sending the newsletter to their database. (Value $109)

10. FBP Companion Products
We have several products that we gift each Fitness By Phone® client to fully realize the power of Fitness By Phone®. 

The Training Fan (Value $25) visually guides your clients how to execute their strength training exercises.  The Un-Dieting Book ($25 value) educates your FBP clients on the FBP nutrition coaching program, motivating your clients to continue to work with you on Intuitive Eating long after the initial starter phase of FBP. 

Finally, the FBP WristWand provides your FBP clients with a compact, portable stretching device that is easy to use.  This simple device lets your clients perform unique stretching exercises that help prevent or relieve the painful symptoms of movements caused by repetitive movements with many sports such as golf, tennis and biking. As Well As Daily Activities Like Typing On Keyboards And Other Work Related Activities. ($18 value) 


Here's what you get in the Fitness By Phone® Associate Coach Training Program:

Twelve weeks of group coaching over the phone-$2500 value!

Polar FS3 heart rate monitor-$80 value!**

Caltrac accelerometer-$55 value!**

Health Benefits Training Fan-$25 value!

Un-Dieting Book-$25 value!

FBP WristWand-$18 value!

All forms, diaries, diagrams and agreements central to the Fitness By Phone® Coaching process-$99 value!

The Association of Fitness By Phone® Coaches one year membership-$595 value!

Fitness By Phone Coach support hotline (fax, phone and e-mail) for questions or comments (All questions answered within 48 hours).

License to use the federally trademarked name, Fitness By Phone®, for your business for the length of your membership.

Fitness By Phone Coach® comprehensive marketing system-$299 value!

Fitness Motivation Monitor Newsletter - three-month subscription-$109 value!

** plus shipping and handling and California state sales tax of 8.25%, if applicable.

Total Value: 
Associate Fitness By Phone® specialty certificate Course:                   

Total Savings                                                                                





We are here to ensure that you achieve the satisfaction as a fitness professional that has eluded you for so long.  We are confident that we can help, so much so, that we provide you an ironclad 2-month guarantee. 

While this is fresh in your mind, please take the time right now to contact us to schedule a free consultation and determine if this specialty certificate course is right for you. You can email us at

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