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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. What is Coaching?
A: Coaching is a collaborative relationship that provides structure, accountability and inspiration to enable clients to reach their goals.

Q. How does it work?
A: Coaching promotes independence, self-management and personal   responsibility.  The goal of coaching is to develop a strong sense of client self-efficacy that leads to personal empowerment and sustainable change.

Q: What is the difference between Coaching and Personal Training?
There are three main differences:

  • Locus of Control – Internal vs. External
The foundation of personal training is based on a strong external locus of control.  The physical presence of the trainer during the client’s exercise sessions is first and foremost for the purpose of motivation and expert instruction.  Coaching is based on building a strong internal locus of control; supporting the client’s internal resources to motivate and move the client to action.  The more the Coach can remove him or herself from the experience, and the more the client can internalize the tools learned form the Coach, the more effective the client will be in achieving his or her goals. 
  • The Expert – Trainer vs. Client
Over the past 25 years, fitness professionals have taken pride in the notion that they are the experts in the client/trainer relationship.  However, the nature of the relationship of coaching is based on the premise that the personal trainer is not the expert, the client is.  The client holds the answers and the Coach’s job is to help facilitate that learning. 
  • Skill Sets – Directors vs. Facilitators

Personal Trainers learn physical fitness instruction and training skills. The personal trainer is a director of physical change. Coaches learn behavior change theory and empowerment techniques and are agents or facilitators of change.

Q: What is Compliance Programming?
Compliance Programming, or CP, a term coined by the Association of Fitness by Phone® Coaches, is a combination of principles and  techniques that are based on over 24 years of research in behavioral psychology from Stanford University, Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, San Diego State University, Brown University of Medicine, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Virginia Polytechnic, to name a few.  CP involves three research-based principles; 1.)  Self-monitoring and self-documenting systems, 2.)  Home-based exercise programming and lifestyle activity; and 3.)  phone-based accountability systems, and have been proven to significantly increase client compliance up to 90% (see for Stanford Review article). The foundation of the Fitness by Phone® Coaching method is based on these three Compliance Programming principles and techniques.

Q: How does Fitness By Phone® differ from other Coaching programs?
Fitness By Phone®, based on Compliance Programming principles, is a hybrid between Lifestyle Coaching and Personal Training.  Fitness by Phone® gradually juxtaposes the nature of the client/trainer relationship.  The relationship starts off more collaborative and gradually shifts depending on whether the issues at hand have more to do with fitness instruction or values and mindfulness.  By using Compliance Programming skills to leverage their current skill set and experience, fitness professionals and their clients experience how coaching stimulates self-efficacy, self-management and personal empowerment and sets up a very positive experience that compels them to want to learn more about coaching. 


Q: How do I make the transition to Coach from Fitness Professional?
Many fitness professionals who have tried to take the leap into life, wellness or lifestyle fitness coaching have found the transition marred by frustration because of the extreme shifts in the client-trainer relationship and skill set. They have also struggled in making Coaching an independent, viable and profitable business model.Fitness professionals who first become Fitness by Phone® Coaches as their initial step into the coaching world, find the transition to Coach from fitness professional a much easier, more enjoyable and profitable experience.  First, because FBP was developed by Susan Vezina, a personal trainer and exercise physiologist herself, it was designed to fully leverage a fitness professional’s existing skill set,  making it easy for most any certified and experienced fitness professional to learn the FBP Coaching system.  Second, because the FBP client-Coach relationship starts off more collaborative and gradually shifts depending on whether the issues at hand have more to do with fitness instruction or values and mindfulness, FBP gradually juxtaposes the nature of the client-trainer relationship, making it easier for fitness professionals and clients alike to begin a coaching-based relationship and later transition into life, wellness, or lifestyle fitness coaching, where the client becomes the expert, not the fitness professional. From a business standpoint, clients come to fitness professionals for fitness instruction first and foremost, making it difficult to sell wellness or life coaching as a separate fee-based service. Fitness by Phone®, on the other hand, is a more natural option for many prospective personal training clients and existing clients, either as a supplement with traditional personal training or as an independent alternative when traditional personal training doesn’t or no longer serves their needs. Finally, FBP has a solid, ten-year, tested and proven business and marketing system that accompanies the FBP Coach in Training (CIT) program.  The FBP business and marketing support system is ongoing, well beyond your time as a CIT, to ensure you are launching and maintaining your marketing efforts effectively and progressively.

Q: How long does it take to begin seeing results?
Once you complete the training program and apply the self-efficacy philosophy, you will clearly be able to identify prospects for Fitness by Phone® Coaching and have the tools to lead them to invest in this type of training. As you can read in the attached testimonials, most fitness professionals gain new Fitness by Phone® clients before completing their training because they clearly see the tremendous value to their clients (besides the value to themselves) and have complete confidence in how to utilize the Fitness by Phone® method. 

Q. Couldn't I just figure this out on my own? Why should I sign up for a FBP program?
Well, of course you could do this by yourself.  But consider it took Fitness By Phone ® founder and president, Susan Vezina over six years of time and tens of thousands of dollars in testing to achieve the superb level of effectiveness our members enjoy today.  Just remember, the Fitness by Phone® Coach Training Program will more than pay for itself when you sign up your first two Fitness by Phone® clients!!! 

Q. I don’t know how to market Fitness by Phone®.  How do I know that I will get enough new clients?
No problem, with our Fitness by Phone® Coach Marketing Manual you will learn simple, proven marketing techniques geared to attract highly qualified Fitness by Phone® clients.  You won’t have any trouble knowing exactly what you have to do to build your client base, quickly and cost effectively.   We’ve also added weekly, live FBP Coach Teleconferences where the leading FBP Coaches share, step-by-step, exactly how they implemented our marketing strategies.

Q. Do I have to be a certified fitness professional to become a Fitness by Phone®  Coach?
Whether you become a Fitness by Phone® Coach or not, certification is highly recommended by the personal training community. Not only does it set a minimum standard for of competency for fitness professionals, but from a marketing standpoint, it adds to your credibility. In order to become a Fitness by Phone® Coach, it is a requirement to be certified by one of the major certifying organizations or to have a four year degree in a related field.

Q. Will my liability insurance cover Fitness by Phone®?
We contacted the major insurance carriers of liability insurance for personal trainers including Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency (formerly Murria & Frick), one of the largest insurers for personal trainers.  And, the answer is yes, most conventional insurance for personal trainers also covers phone coaching.  Check with your carrier to find out.

Q: Do I ever get to meet my Master Trainer and other FBP Coaches in person?
Yes, our Annual Fitness by Phone® SuperConference, held every fall, is the premiere event for Fitness by Phone® Coaches. Not only do you get to meet all the coaches, leaders (including your Master Trainer) and Susan Vezina, the president and founder, in person, this is the time to create and finalize your marketing plan, strategies, and budget for the upcoming year. You will also meet our Advanced Trainers who will provide you with enough ideas for additional revenue streams and marketing ideas to last the entire year.

B: The FBP Coaches who attend this event each year are by far the most successful and the most motivated in the Association. They attribute their year-long success and determination to the attendance at the annual SuperConference in conjunction with the weekly teleconference calls. As a new Coach in Training, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for the conference when you sign up for the training program at a special new-coach-only price and ensure your spot in what will be a sold out event for 2006.

Q. I'm very skeptical about getting involved. I've been burned before with education programs. Your system sounds really good, maybe too good to be true. How do I know I'll be getting my money's worth?
We understand how you feel.  Just about all of us have been burned by unscrupulous businesses whose products or services didn't deliver what was promised. Fitness By Phone® was created with the fitness professional in mind by someone who knows the struggles that come with building a successful fitness training business, Susan Vezina. Susan not only possesses a degree in kinesiology from UCLA with an emphasis in business administration, she was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the largest business marketing & networking organization in Southern California, Women's Referral Service, for her business and marketing skills; selected as the fitness consultant and lecturer for the Motion Picture and Television Industry Wellness Program; a key presenter for the IDEA Personal Training Summit, IHRSA’s Club Business Conference, The Personal Fitness Professional Personal Trainer Business Forum and for the upcoming premiere fitness industry event, IDEA’s Inner IDEA conference in July of 2006; an ACE-certified personal trainer; and an approved provider of continuing education for and faculty member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

As you see Susan is a fitness professional just like you.  From group exercise instructor to fitness manager to personal trainer, she has been a fitness professional since 1982 working for health clubs (The Sports Club/LA, The Spectrum Clubs) and corporations (Warner Bros. Studio Facilities) and since 1992 have been an independent fitness professional. And like Susan, our Fitness By Phone ® Coaches are respected, successful and accredited coaches themselves.

Second, Stanford University has produced over twenty years of research on phone coaching for physical activity, proving with a 75-90% client compliance, it is far more effective in getting people to take responsibility for their exercise behavior than any other form of training.

In addition, we have successfully exposed thousands of fitness professionals to the Fitness by Phone® Coach Training Program. We recommend you read the testimonials included with this report and on our website of the fitness professionals who are involved with Fitness by Phone® who share how Fitness by Phone® has changed their lives and the lives of their clients. And, there are many more Fitness by Phone® Coach success stories. Lastly, we believe you should feel safe in joining us because we offer you two iron-clad guarantees if you choose to get involved. 


You can email to schedule a free consultation with one of our FBP Coach in Training Counselors to see if this coaching and support system is right for you. 

While this is fresh in your mind, please take the time right now to contact us immediately to see if becoming a Fitness by Phone® Coach is right for you and your business. 


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