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Are you ready to make a change?


Are you struggling getting started or sticking with your exercise program?   IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.  Starting and sustaining a successful, long term health and fitness program has nothing to do with enduring discomfort, having enough willpower, discipline or physical ability.  It has nothing to do with joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.  It has everything to do with your readiness to begin an exercise program and integrating the tools, education and support to reconnect with your own internal drive to move forward and succeed. 

Exercise Readiness featuring Fitness by Phone® is the alternative to traditional exercise programs. We provide affordable, flexible, convenient, time efficient coaching that reaches out to those who struggle getting started, getting results or sticking to an effective health and fitness program. Our company is committed to helping people discover and integrate your personal power and motivation to sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle through self management coaching programs. Our goal is to have global Influence on America’s health and well being for the purpose of reducing health risks and their related costs.

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